Need an Annual vacation?  Why not schedule your vacation to St. Simons Island when your next annual is due?


Annuals/100 Hour Inspections

Annuals, 100 hour and 50 hour inspections performed at Palmetto Aviation Repair use specific manufacturing inspection checklists, review log books and comply with mandated Aircraft Directives and Service Bulletins.  

General Maintenance

Routine oil changes consist of inspection of contaminants, filter and oil change, post run up and leak check per approved aircraft inspection guides. 

Borescope with photos and compression checks can be performed to determine if engine or cylinder repair is necessary. 

Nitrogen and Oxygen Services are also readily available.

Before your next acquisition, have Palmetto Aviation Repair inspect and ensure the aircraft's airworthiness.  


From spark plugs to engine and cylinder replacement, Palmetto Aviation Repair provides excellent service to keep you flying.