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"Customer reviews are important to our operation.  They give us a barometer reading on our level of professionalism, quality of maintenance and service given to the aviation community." 
~ Kirk Ramsey, A&P/I.A.


From David Boone

Dear Kirk,

Thanks so much for taking the time to fix the alternator on our Bonanza last Wednesday. Simone and I really appreciate your kindness and assistance in getting us back up in the air and on our way to Atlanta.

If we can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call upon us. With best personal regards, I am

Very truly yours,

David Boone

P.S. We have a wonderful guest house here in Buckhead- please use it on your next trip to Atlanta- we wish to return the favor.

From Owner of N2301T

Palmetto Aviation Team,

My friend Greg and I want to thank you for your services, professionalism, and courtesy Monday. There's nothing like being able to pull right up and receive great service for a more than fair price. We will always make recommendations for our friends to stop by in St. Simons and to contact ya'll should they need any service. We made it back to Columbia in our Cherokee 140 just before sunset!

Thanks for the help and God Bless.

From Don Lambing

Hey Kirk,

I just landed up here in Peachtree City- everything was great, the plane and the radios operated as well as they ever have. The weather was beautiful and the air was smooth- the only thing that was missing was a 10 knot tailwind! It was great to see you and "the gang", thanks for another quality inspection and great service.


From Josh Rawlins - Lead Mechanic @ Epic Flight Academy, Inc.

Hi Kirk,

Thank you very much for your help and hospitality with this it was very much appreciated. We are a 141 flight school in New Smyrna Beach. We utilize a little over a dozen G1000 equipped 172's and a small handful Pa-44 aircraft. We fly up your way quite a bit with our training and would like to utilize your services if we have any issues like this in the future. We will keep you in our contact list for any future problems at that airport.

Thank you,

Josh Rawlins

From Chris Albertson


Just wanted to thank y'all for your help and awesome service this past weekend. We had not planned the stop and as a result of meeting you we will always plan a stop !!
Just straight up good people ! Thanks

From Thayer Smith

On a recent stop to KSSI we noticed an oil leak on our Cirrus SR22. We were lucky to find Palmetto Aviation on the field and were lucky to have Kirk stop what he was doing to take a look.  After a short time he determined that is was a leak in the prop governor and the adjustment screw needed to be replaced.  They were able to have the part fedexed in and they came in on Saturday to complete the repair!  


I can’t say enough about the great customer service support at Palmetto Aviation - Kirk and his team are true professionals!

From Steve Barber

Golden Isles Aviation is a first rate operation with reasonable fuel prices. While I was there I had a charging issue that turned out to be an easy fix. Hats off to PALMETTO AVIATION REPAIR at SSI. They jumped on the problem and charged a reasonable rate to allow me to get back home on schedule. THANKS KIRK!

From Tim Meade


I was flying with my wife on Memorial Day Weekend into SSI and lost my alternator flying IFR in the soup. By the time I got to the ground I had 8 volts charge left on a 28-volt system. PALMETTO AVIATION took the plane diagnosed the issue, uninstalled, charged the battery overnight and reinstalled the battery for me. They offered to get an alternator, but it would take a few days so I elected to return home VFR on just the battery power. Kirk the manager would not take a dime for any of the work he or Chuck, his mechanic did. They even advised me that taking the plane home to get it fixed was a viable option. These guys were great to work with, they were more interested in getting me home than picking up a few extra bucks over the long weekend. I appreciate their efforts and to both I owe a big thank you. I will not hesitate to bring my plane to Palmetto should the need ever arise. FBO of the Week:
Palmetto Aviation Repair/Golden Isles Aviation

From Abbott de Rham

It is May 22nd, the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, and I am over 800 miles from my Vermont home base.  My family has travelled South in our 1957 182A, landing at a small island along the Georgia coast about 25 miles north of St. Simons Island.  It is late in the the day, and the upper hinge of the pilot door has broken.  I am able to get a hinge dropped-shipped from Cessna for overnight delivery.  (Thank you, Cessna, for supporting a 51-year-old aircraft.)  I call Palmetto Aviation Repair at SSI and talk to Dan Lynch, the A&P on duty.  The part will not arrive until later in the day on Friday.  Door disassembly and structural riveting will be required.  The owner is already away for the holiday weekend, and everyone else in the area is...heading for the exits.  Dan graciously offers to do the repair on Saturday and calls Chuck McKenney, an A&P with years of structural repair experience.  Chuck also volunteers to come in on Saturday to lend his expertise.  We have never met, and this is all arranged on the phone.  Already this feels right.  The hinge arrives Friday, and first thing Saturday morning I pull up to the Palmetto Aviation Hangar.  Dan is there, and we begin disassembly and door removal.   Chuck shows up for removing rivets and installing the the new hinge. It is my first experience watching pros buck rivets in very tight spaces. By the end of the morning and less than 48 hours from a broken hinge, the plane is back together with its new parts. I take them out to lunch at the local landmark — Barbara Jean's Restaurant.  Jim Barta is the owner and also a pilot. Upon hearing about [our] being stranded and then rescued by Dan and Chuck, he insists on picking up the tab for lunch! On Tuesday, I fly back to SSI to settle up with Kirk Ramsey, the owner of Palmetto Aviation Repair. The total bill for Dan and Chuck's labor plus tools and rivets was embarrassingly low, to the point I added more — against Kirk's objections. Quality work, outside of regular hours, at on honest price — you can't ask for more.  What could have been a complete disaster turned into a great experience. Kirk gets praise for hiring good people, supporting them, and pricing work more than fairly considering the circumstances. Chuck said yes to being called in on a holiday weekend when he had better things to do. At the center of this story is Dan, who went far above the call of duty to open the shop on Saturday, come into work to help out a guy he did not know, and to round up the additional expertise to ensure the job was done perfectly. Because of these guys, my vacation was barely interrupted, I've made new friends, and I've found a top-notch shop for when I travel down South a few times each year.  The FBO, Golden Isle Aviation, is great too — but this story is about the amazing service of Palmetto Aviation Repair. Travelers up and down the coast as well, as full and part-time residents of the area should know there is [a] top-notch shop with great people located at SSI on St. Simons Island.

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